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I am an Artist and Photographer
currently based in Zurich, Switzerland

I grew up traveling the world, mostly through Asia and the Middle East, which gave me a very unique perspective of the world. The concept of ‘home’ is something I’m still trying to figure out, yet I would say my strongest bonds are to Guam and Mongolia. I guess that is the reason a lot of my art is also water and nature inspired. At the age of nineteen I came to live in my home country Switzerland for the first time, and started pursuing Art and Photography.

Loosing perfect vision at a very young age influenced how I began seeing the world around me. I had to use my own imagination to put together the blurry ‘hazey’ scenes. It also let me wonder about the composition of our reality and how we take it all in with all our senses. I learned that everyone sees images differently, shaped by their own perception and experiences. At first I explored creating stories through compositions with lines, shapes and patterns. Later I became fascinated by light and color, creating moods by combining clear and hazey elements.

I hope to inspire people  to find their own photography style through examining their own perspective of the world. 

Here are a few of the things happening behind the scenes:

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